Who We Are

We are a group of citizens that are concerned about our current administration's policies and wish to take action to ensure that our voices are heard. We are made up of both Democrats and Republicans from Great Falls, Montana, and the surrounding area.

We meet to discuss the issues that are important to us and determine how we, as a team, can have an impact on the legislators that are determining our future. This can range from sitting down with our representatives and having a discussion, to educating the community about issues that they might care about, to participating in a peaceful protest.

This is a completely volunteer run organization hoping to make our community and our country a better place.

Get Involved

Are you concerned about some of the directions our country's leaders are taking us? Then get involved, come to our meetings and participate. It is only through larger coordinated group action that we can facillitate change.

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Monthly Meetings

Come and join us for one of our monthly information sharing meetings. They are held at 6:30PM on the last Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on room availability) of every month at the Celtic Cowboy's downstairs Darkhorse Conference Room. We would love to see you!

Food and drinks can be purchased and consumed while the meeting goes on if you wish to do so.

Our thanks to the Celtic Cowboy for providing this room for us to use for our monthly meetings.


Learn how to make changes in our political landscape with Indivisible: A Practical Guide For Resisting the Trump Agenda where former congressional staffers reveal the best ways to have our concerns heard, by exploring the techniques used by the Tea Party. Small groups, like ours, are able to have a significant impact.

How to Register to Vote in Montana
Montana Voter Registration Form

Other Community Groups

Coming Soon: We will have a list here of other fantastic Great Falls Community groups.

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